Calling Indiana Musicians

Indiana’s musicians are coming together to rethink and video record their interpretation of “Back Home Again in Indiana.” A song made famous by “Hoosier at Heart,” Jim Nabor’s during the Indianapolis 500 (1972-2014).

Submit by May 7


*the sooner the better

Stop the Brain Drain


To support the launch of a new type of business in Indiana. A business that is aiming big and changing the way things are done. If successful, we (our team) hope to attract Hoosiers who have left our City and State for what they thought were greener, more progressive pastures. We also want to inspire those who are already here.

With these songs and with our business model, we would like to let the country know that Indiana is an amazing place to live and thrive.


1. Take a listen to “Back Home Again in Indiana.” There are many versions and variations.

2. Discover what it means to you. With your band, or on your own, come up with a creative cover that expresses what you have found to love about Indiana.

3. Record the cover on video using whatever resources you have available (iphone to professional film gear).

4. Then Submit the video, and we will take it from there.

Watch Jim Nabors in ’88
Rev. Peyton does a big damn cover

Thank you to Rev. Peyton for your support. May we all rediscover the joys of the front porch.

Straight No Chaser Version


We plan to select as many videos as we find useful. IF your video is selected, we will put it to promotional use. To be sure you are compensated, you can choose among these payment types:

  • You need cash now. We will cut you a $25 check upon submission and selection.
  • You have a little patience. If our launch is successful, we will pay all bands who’s video’s were used $100 each.
  • It is very possible that when we launch you will love our mission. At that point you may donate your video. We will owe you a big and happy favor.

Terms of Use

We are asking to be able to use this song and video exclusively for one year from the date of our launch. At the end of that year we will return your videos back, squeaky clean, for you to do what ever you would like. We will keep the songs in our vaults as well for wonderful memories and use in the future.

Please note: there will be NO limitations put on you for performing your own cover live.


We anticipate this launch to be seen by 10s of Thousands in Indiana and abroad.

Our promise: All bands who are selected for use in any way related to this campaign will be properly cited, and linked on any digital submission.

“Your Name Here”

An Extra $500

There may be a cover brewing in your minds that touches exactly on our vision or that the public really loves. If we find or vote upon a video that we want to expand upon and give more exposure, we will award that band $500. PLUS, the possibility of more gigs, coverage, and video opportunities.
This is our way to push your creative minds and hearts even further.

Deadline to Submit


*we anticipate going public early June

How to Submit

Submit Your Cover

Personal Note

I would like to thank each and every one of you who are out there on the grind. Indianapolis is such a wonderful place to live but there is a lot of room for growth. We are attempting something big and leaving all fear behind. Thank you for being a part of the creative force that keeps us moving forward.

By early June you will learn more fully about the project. Please reach out with the contact form, and I would be happy to speak with you.

-Paul Humes
Indianapolis, IN

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